Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result 2022 [Update]

Bangladesh Bank publishes Bangladesh bank prize bond result 4 times a year through their official website The prize bond draw was organized by Bangladesh Bank in the conference room of the Dhaka Commissioner. After that, the results are published on the website of Bangladesh Bank. You can also see the draw result of the prize bond from the website of the National Savings Department You can also find out the details of the prize bond results on our website.

What Is a Prize Bond?

In order to increase the tendency to save money, the National Savings Department announced a prize bond called “Bangladesh Prize Bond” in 1972. Prize bonds are also called lottery bonds. Anyone can buy as many prize bond lottery tickets as they like. This lottery ticket is not a lottery ticket like any other. A person can easily transfer money at any time in exchange for money. You can also buy and sell prize bonds from Bangladesh Bank, Commercial Bank, and Post Office.

The results of the Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond draw are held four times a year on 31st January, 30th April, 31st July, and 31st October every year. Each series has 1 million prize bonds and a total of 53 series. If a number in a series wins the prize bond prize, the same number in each series will receive that prize.

Bangladesh bank prize bond result

Prizes: Prizes Per Series In Each Draw

Prize List

(A) First prize 01 (One) of 6,00,000 Taka.

(B) Second prize 01 (One) of 3,25,000 Taka.

(C) Third prize 2 (Tow) of 1,00,000 Taka.

(D) Fourth prize 2 (Tow) 50,000 Taka.

(E) Fifth prize of 40 (Forty) 10,000 Taka.

Prize Bond Draw Date

Prize bond draws are held 4 times a year every three months. The times are mentioned below.

January 31,

April 30,

July 31

October 31

Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result

Prize Bond Result

How to Get Prize Bond Money?

How to raise money for prize bonds. If you are a lucky lottery draw winner who wins the prize of that prize bond, you need to inform the bank and the bank will give you a form. After completing the form, you will receive the prize money within 2 months. However, the government will have to pay 20% tax on your prize money.

Other Information

  1. Drawings are held every three months (January 31, April 30, July 31, and October 31);
  2. The bond will be drawn after a minimum of 2 (two) months from the date of sale specified in the bond;
  3. Prized bonds are not refundable, but the face value of the bonds is paid along with the prize money;
  4. Prize money has to be claimed within two years from the scheduled date of the ‘draw’ ceremony;
  5. The prize money is paid by deducting tax at source 20% of the prize money.
  6. Each prize bond can be taken from the bank at 100 rupees, if returned, it returns 100 Taka, it is the same as money. If you don’t win 20 Taka in the lottery, you will lose 20 Taka. But, 100 taka price bond = 100 taka note.
  7. Almost all banks have prize bonds
  8. You can leave as much as you want, if you return it again, you will get the money back.
  9. The results of the last 8 draw (each draw for 3 months for a total of 2 years draw) match the number you will get prizes.

Some Important Question and Answer

1. When is the prize bond introduced in Bangladesh?

Prize Bond was first introduced in 1974 through Bangladesh Bank. The value of the first prize bond was 10 and 50 Taka. Prize bonds worth 100 Taka and 50 Taka have been lifted since 1995.

2. What are the goals and objectives of the prize bond?

To increase the savings trend among all sections of the society, the government collects loans directly from the people through the “Department of National Savings” by selling price bonds and the government repays the loans by buying them again. By purchasing this bond, the customer can engage himself in building the country for his personal gain as well.

3. Is the lottery held between all bonds sold and unsold?

After two months of purchase, the price bond comes under “draw”, after 2 months of purchase, it comes under “draw”. This only applies to newly issued bonds. That is 2 months from the date on which the bond is sealed. This means that all the price bands that have not been bought do not mean that unsold price bonds do not fall under the lottery.

4. Where to buy and redeem price bonds? / Where to buy price bonds? / Where to get price bonds?

Bonds worth Tk 100 can be bought and redeemed from all branch offices of Bangladesh Bank, all commercial banks, 71 savings bureau offices, and post offices across the country under the National Savings Department.

5. How many days after the “draw” can the prize money be claimed?

Two months after the purchase of the bond, the prize bond falls into a “draw”. Prize money can be claimed for up to two years of the “draw” ceremony. If any of them do not claim, the prize money becomes lapsed and goes back to the government treasury.

6. Where are the results of the prize bond “draw” available? 100 Taka prize bond draw

The results of the “draw” are available in various national dailies or on the website of Bangladesh Bank. The results are also available on our website after the draw.

7. What is the value of the prize bond award?

The value of the prize is 6 lakh, Taka, for the first prize, 325,000 Taka for the second prize, 1 lakh Taka for the third prize for two-person, 50,000 Taka for the fourth prize two-person and 10,000 Taka for the fifth prize for forty people.

8. How many types of prize bonds are there in Bangladesh?

Although there are eight types of prize bonds worth 100 Rs to Rs 40,000 in India and Pakistan, there have been only prize bonds worth 100 Taka in Bangladesh for the last 24 years since 1995.

9. In what manner is the “draw” of the prize bond held?

The “draw” is conducted in a single common way (the same number for each series). At present, a “draw” is held at the Dhaka Deputy Commissioner’s Office.

10. How many series have price bonds in the country and how many price bonds are there in each series?

There are 58 series of price bonds in the country, meaning that the same number is available in 56 series and each series has a prize bond of 10,000,00 (one million) pieces. That is why the number 07 (seven) of each prize bond and the 1st number must start with zero. As such, the total number of prize bonds in the country is 5 crore 80 lakh pieces.

11. How to claim the prize money?

To claim the prize money one has to apply in a prescribed format to Bangladesh Bank or any scheduled bank or post office. Details here.

12. What is meant by receipt of prize bond?

The receipt of the prize bond is not a separate cough memo or voucher. The receipt is the seal of Bangladesh Bank on the prize bond. If there is no seal of Bangladesh Bank, that prize bond will never be considered for the reward.

13. When is the prize bond “draw” held? When is the draw date of the prize bond? Date of National Prize Bond Draw?

The “draw” of the prize bond is held four times a year on 31st January, 30th April, 31st July, and 31st October respectively. However, if a weekly holiday (currently Friday and Saturday) or a public holiday (general/executive order / optional), or any other reason, the “draw” of the prize bond cannot be held on any of these dates, it is done on the next working day.

14. Where is the prize bond printed?

The prize bonds were printed from the Gazipur-based factory of Security Printing Corporation Bangladesh Limited (SPCBL), an affiliate of Bangladesh Bank.

15. What is meant by a series of prize bonds?

At present, there are 58 series in Bangladesh such as Koko, Kokh, Koga, Khkh… ..etc. The same number is in each of the 58 series. The first prize will be given to one person in each series i.e. 57 people, similarly, 57 people will get 2nd prize, 116 people will get 3rd prize, 116 people will get 4th prize and 2320 people will get 5th prize.

16. How many years does 1 prize bond last? Or how long does the prize bond last?

Even after the prize bond is “drawn”, it does not expire. It also expires during the next “draw”, meaning the prize bond never expires. However, once the prize is won, the term will expire.

17. If no winning number is claimed within two years, can this number be considered for the next prize?

The number that is considered for the award once has up to 2 years to apply for the award. The number is in-active for these two years, if no one applies for the prize within two years, the number goes back to the draw list. The number may be rewarded later. However, the results of the last 24 draws (55-94) were not analyzed.

18. Are the returns to the bank covered by the draw?

The ones that will be sold once from Bangladesh Bank are covered by the draw. If I return to any bank after you buy, they are covered by the draw. If any number wins from there, the bank authorities claim it. In other words, after the sale from Bangladesh Bank, whoever owns the prize bond will own it.

19 Where can I get the old “draw” result?

Click on the link below to get the old “draw” result.

20. What does it take to buy a prize bond and how to buy a prize bond?

No national identity card or any other paperwork is required to buy the prize bond. Price bonds can be bought only for money. It can be purchased from any bank other than Islamic Sharia.


This is the end of the Bangladesh Bank Prize Bond Result checking process. Now buy your prize bond and try to change your luck. We hope this is the most beneficial option for Bangladeshi people.

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