How To Make A Good Result In SSC Exam [32 Effective Points]

How to make a good result in SSC exam? In the mind of a student, such questions are normal. And finding answers to these normal questions often become unusual. You don’t need a magic wand to get good results in SSC exams. Some strategies need to be adopted.

No student can get good results without hard work. There are many students who do not get up from the reading table without sleeping, eating, or needing. But what if with less effort, good results can be achieved with joy. Yes, it is possible. However, there are some simple strategies to follow.

These strategies are not very difficult. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. By doing these things regularly, one day it will become a habit as well as you get a good SSC exam result. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

How To Make A Good Result In SSC Exam

How To Make A Good Result In SSC Exam

1. Make a Study Plan

It is not possible to do anything without a plan. So, plan how you will study for your SSC exam to get a good result. Make a routine for every week or month. Make a schedule for routine work such as:

  • During school.
  • Religious work.
  • Time is given to the family.
  • Sports.

Exclude reading during routine work mentioned above. The rest of the time, make a rule in your studies. Set aside the weekend for the previous reading revision. And spend the day off like a holiday.

Do the following at any time before you start reading. Such as:

  • Creating a reading environment.
  • Keep mobile phones away from yourself. Keep in another room or closed if necessary.
  • Make sure no one bothers you before you finish reading.
  • Keep all the necessary notes and reference books together.
  • Keep with water container and glass. Water helps to increase concentration.
  • Set aside time.

2. Make Notes During Class

It is a very good habit for the class teacher to keep reading notes. However, be careful not to deprive the teacher of reading notes while reading. Many become so preoccupied with making notes that they do not read the original text. So this aspect has to be taken care of.

Take note of the important points of the teacher and what seems difficult to you. Keep that note in front of you when you sit down to read at home. This will help you to memorize the reading faster. Try to rethink what you learn in class every day on the reading table.

3. Make Sure You Get 8 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

There is no substitute for sleep if you want to keep your brain and body healthy. Good sleep will keep your brain well, so you will be able to memorize reading faster. Get to bed early at night and wake up early in the morning to ensure 8 hours of sleep.

Never use smartphones, tabs, laptops before going to bed at night. The light from these devices interferes with sleep. Take three deep breaths before going to bed. This will increase the supply of oxygen to the body.

4. Create A Reading Environment

The environment is very important while reading. As already mentioned above, if you sit down to read, you must keep the environment right. Now how to keep this environment right. Then find out-

  • Keep close the necessary items like notebooks, pens, water, etc.
  • Is there enough light in the room?
  • Is your table tidy and tidy?
  • Is it okay at room temperature?
  • Is your chair comfortable?
  • Is the house quiet?
  • Is your phone, TV off?
  • Do you have any apps or games on your phone that arouse interest in mobile usage?

5. Set Aside Time To Read

When you sit down to read before the SSC exam, you must set a time. It will be easier to keep your focus on time. Because there is no benefit in studying in a mess. Therefore, if you sit down to read, you have to set a time. Such as:

  • 30 minutes for math and 20 minutes for English.

No other focus can be given until the time is up.

Take a 5-minute break each time. You can get up from your table and take a walk or drink water.

6. Finish Your Daily Homework

Try to finish the homework given in class that day. Homework will keep your reading consistent. Doing regular homework will also speed up your SSC exam syllabus.

7. Verify Yourself

Check yourself every week or month for good exam results. Test what you learned. This will build your confidence and remind you of previous readings. Set a time for the exam, it will help you overcome the fear of testing.

8. Contact The Teacher

If you do not understand any reading, talk to the teacher in class or separately. As well as understanding reading, it will give you confidence. Tell your teacher about your weaknesses. The teacher will then help you overcome the weakness.

9. Use Online Resources

When you don’t understand a topic, do a Google search for that topic. If you know less about something, Google it and find out better. Also, there are many websites online where you can learn for free.

10. Inspire Yourself

God created man in flesh and blood, not a robot. Therefore, the mind will not always be the same. There will be no desire to read much time. For this, you have to inspire yourself regularly. Such as:

  • I want to do my best.
  • I want to learn as much as I can.
  • I want to prepare myself well for the future.
  • I want to be persistent.
  • I want to be more disciplined.

If necessary, write these words and put them in front of you. Listen to inspirational books or stories.

11. Take Short Breaks Between Readings

There are a lot of things that we don’t like to read. But, still read that you have to know. Again, there are many things that we like so much that once we sit down to read, we don’t even notice the time. In both cases, there is a complete break from reading.

Because, no matter how hard we try, reading for a long time can lead to fatigue. Our brain also needs a little rest then. Then taking a short break of 5-10 minutes, talking to someone, or listening to a song helps us to recover. But, while taking this break, we have to keep in mind that this break should not take place in a few hours instead of 10 minutes.

12. Group Study

Reading in groups is always a very effective approach. But it has two problems. First, a meeting is not always possible. Second, group study often takes the form of chat. There is a solution to both of these problems. Thanks to technology, it is no longer necessary to meet for group study. This can be done through various online apps. And, as a result, group study is less likely to turn into a chat.

13. Storytelling

Many of us find the subject of study very boring. We can’t enjoy it even if we want to. But, everyone likes to read or listen to stories. So, if we make reading like a story in these boring times, then it is not very difficult to get rid of the monotony.

First, we have to pull. Just like reading a storybook. And you can’t even think about how much is being memorized while reading. Assuming we are reading the story.

Second, the important parts of the chapter need to be made into one of the characters in the story. The more ridiculous and absurd the chapter sounds, the easier it will be to remember to read.

14. Seek The Help Of Teachers

We do a lot of work. If you don’t understand anything in class, don’t ask sir/miss. I think I will understand later by looking at the book or asking a friend next to me. As is often the case, even when we look at books, we do not understand them properly. And no matter how well the friend understands himself, a teacher can explain the whole thing to us with as much care; Classmates will never be able to do that.

So, if we do not clearly understand a subject in the class or after the exam, even if we need help with our study plan, then going to the teacher/teacher will bring the best results.

15. Learning From Mistakes

Things learned by mistake are remembered for a long time. So where is the mistake? Why is it wrong? Don’t understand? ’The answers to these questions need to be found. If you solve these, the rate of doing well in the test will increase many times.

16. When Reading, Read With Attention

From the beginning of the year, if you can concentrate and study for two to four hours every day, that is enough. Tidy up the reading table before you sit down to read, create a reading environment and then sit down. Keep all devices, including mobiles, away from the reading table. You can read my article on how to read carefully:

If you can read for 2-4 hours with full attention, the syllabus will be finished before the exam. There is no need to sit at the reading table all night. Will be able to finish reading a lot in a short time.

17. Will Do Regular Classes and Make Class Notes

Many students think that it is better to sit at home and read all day without wasting time just taking classes! Again, many students just miss the class, then what to read during the SSC exam – nothing can do!

There is no substitute for class if you want to get good results. Especially in those cases when the teacher who takes the class creates the test questions! This is most applicable to the university! However, in the case of school and college, there is no alternative to classes. Because people can learn more by listening and watching than they can learn by reading.

What the teacher is saying, what book you are teaching, what topic you are focusing on – these have to be observed carefully. Will make class notes very nicely. You don’t just have to write down all the words of the teacher, you have to mark what the teacher is giving more importance to. Many become so preoccupied with writing that they miss the teacher’s words. You can’t do that, listen more and write what you think is important.
A lot of times the teacher says in the gap of reading “It can come to the test!” Or “It’s very important” – these types of words can’t be missed! These class notes will come in handy during the test if you keep a note of these.

18. Daily Reading Will End Every Day

Read what is taught in class at least once a night. If you have any homework, do it. When the reading is frozen, the desire to read later decreases, and such a fear of “how can I finish reading so much” works. So if you finish the day, the mind will be stress-free. You do not have to take the pressure separately before the test. But it is better if you take a look at what the teacher will teach you the next day. This will make it easier to concentrate in the classroom, and the teacher’s lectures will be better understood.

19. Following Class Lectures

Must attend classes regularly and listen to lectures attentively. Because the teachers give some idea in the class about what will come or what may come in the exam. Besides, if the difficult issues are understood by the teacher in the class, they will be remembered for a long time. So it is easy to prepare for the exam if you follow the regular class lectures.

20. Read The Same Reading Several Times

The same reading should be repeated. Everything will sit in the head. Take a look at the special points of the note. No need to memorize repeatedly. Also, look at the highlighted parts. Once you memorize it and just look at it a few times, it will become lip-synching.

21. Reviewing Questions And Suggestions From Previous Years

This work is done by teachers in many cases. But my suggestion is to make a suggestion of oneself and not just rely on the suggestions of others. Just reviewing last year’s questions gives you enough ideas. Make your own suggestions according to your reading style and ability. But in this case, you have to be a little confident. It can come, it can come too- for fear of this, if you put everything in the book in the suggestion, it will not happen! Not too short, not too long – will make a suggestion.

22. Using The Memory Technique

There are some things that need to be memorized. In that case, the memory technique can be used. Remember to read with rhymes or real-life examples. For example, the elements of group 4A of the table are C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb. These can be remembered as: “If you cry (C) you will get a bicycle (Si) Genji (Ge) you will get sandals (Sn) (Pb)”. Pictures and tables are also very useful in this case.

23. Write More And More

Writing more is much more effective in mastering reading. A pen and rough notebook must be in front while reading. Even if you don’t have time to write down everything you have learned or read, at least the points will be written down. In this way, at least the points will be well built in the head. The chances of forgetting the test will be reduced. Moreover, mistakes can be corrected by writing after reading. If you want to get higher marks in the examination book, you must write correctly.

24. Go To Bed Early The Night Before the Exam

Not to read a lot the night before the exam. What you have read throughout the year will be revised the day before the exam. Then you must fall asleep early so that you do not feel sleepy during the test. Moreover, insomnia will cause instability in the brain, which will make it difficult to keep a cool head during the test.

25. Planning With SSC Examination Routine

Divide the total time according to the total number of questions in the test. You need to calculate in advance how much time you will get for each question. It is very important to be able to answer all the questions in a timely manner. If you can’t do flower Ansar, you can never get good results. So when you try to write a few questions in a big way, you can’t write the rest.

26. Don’t Procrastinate

What you have to read should not be left to you to read. At least there is no chance to do so when the test comes. For this work, the night before the test, the sky fell on his head. So we have to continue reading more or less. As can be seen, almost all the preparations have been completed before the test.

27. Highlighting Key Points In The Book

There are many types of exams that can be given by looking at books. In these cases, the key points of the book should be highlighted. And even if you don’t have the opportunity to see the book, you have to highlight the important part of your book with markers for the convenience of reading. It will be convenient to see them again and again.

28. Reading A Slide Show

Education can be done digitally. Special notes can be read as a slide show on a computer. Everything will go into the memory well.

29. Well Presented In The Book

As the saying goes, first the philosopher than the judge. The beautiful handwriting and tidy presentation in the examination book attract the attention of the teachers, which helps them to get higher marks. Even if the preparation is very good, if it is not presented properly in the book, then that preparation is of no value. Time management is also very important for this.

30. Keep A Positive Attitude

“Man is bigger than his dreams” – this statement does not just force us to dream about ourselves. Rather, it also speaks to the power of a positive mindset. Much of what we do and receive in life depends on our outlook. So we need to have a positive attitude at the outset. There is no such thing as always being successful in everything. But, while acknowledging the failures, we need to focus more on the achievements.

31. Keep The Head Cool During The Test

It is very important to keep a cool head during the test to get good results in the test. Don’t rush too much. The whole question will be read before keeping a cool head. Then spend as much time as you have time for that question. If you forget any question, keep writing the next one without wasting extra time. Lastly, if there are any omissions in the revision, write them down.

32. Presented neatly In The Examination Book

There is no need for your handwriting to be too beautiful. But the type of answer presented in the test book must be beautiful. Keep the book clean, make margins, mark the number of questions you are answering nicely. If you don’t know the answer to any question well and if you have some idea then you will write even if it is a little. However, there is no need to write exaggerated words. Don’t fight too much. Try to write with enough space between the answers. At the end of the writing, he must give a revision along with the question – whether you have written all the questions and whether there is any mistake.


So far we have discussed the easy ways to get good results in SSC exams. In addition to following these, one thing must be kept in mind: Exam results depend mainly on three things: study, strategy, and luck. So after trying as much as possible, one must give the idea to the creator for the result, ask for something good and have faith in him. We hope this article on how to make a good result in the SSC exam will be very beneficial for SSC candidates. Try to follow regularly.

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