SSC Result 2022 With Marksheet [All Education Board]

As we all eagerly wait for the SSC Result 2022 on our board and throughout the country, here is a post that will help you in various ways. From checking your result online to getting your marksheet ready, this article provides clear and concise information on all education boards’ SSC results. So whether you are going to stay home or go out to celebrate, make sure you keep up with all the latest happenings via this article!

SSC Result 2022 Statistics

This year’s SSC Results are out; as expected, girls outperformed boys by a wide margin. In 2022, 2241270 students appeared for SSC exams in Bangladesh, and 2096982 secured their pass results. Out of them, 183376 students got a GPA of 5. That means a GPA of 5 is higher than in the past year. The government should continue to invest in education and make it available to all, regardless of socio-economic background. See the below SSC result statistics at a glance for 2022 as per the education board analysis.

Total Pass439,716127761195406211503144,550101,917115700183362166730137615272722
% Of Pass93.1597.2294.7196.2791.1290.1996.7894.893.0988.4993.22
Total GPA 549,53010,095277091462612,79110,21948341757816,494518714313
% Of GPA 510.037.914.186.928.8510.034.189.599.893.775.25

How To Check SSC Result 2022

It’s time to rejoice! The long wait is finally over. The SSC Result 2022 is out. And now, it’s time to start planning for the next level of education. If you’re wondering how to check your SSC Result 2022, don’t worry, we’re here to help. First, go to the official website of the education board-

Note that you can check the Dakhil result 2022 and SSC Vocational result 2022 with the same process.

educationboardresults ssc result
  1. First, go to the education board’s official website.
  2. Select SSC/Dakhil from the Examination drop-down button if you want to check SSC or Dakhil Result. But if you want to check SSC vocational result, select SSC(Vocational) option.
  3. Enter your passing Year. Example- 2022.
  4. Choose your Education Board from this area. Such as Barisal.
  5. Write Your Roll numberExample: 1234567
  6. Write your registration number in the Registration area. Example: 5544733
  7. Fill in the Captcha box. You will find on the left side, under the Reg: No. You can see an equation. Example 6 + 7, like this. If this mathematical equation result is 13, write 13 in the captcha area.
  8. Finally, click on the “Submit button” below.

SSC Result Marksheet With All Subject Wise Number

The SSC Result is out, and students have again gotten better marks in all the subject areas this year. The good news for parents is that the marksheets of students belonging to various boards are found on the internet. Good luck to all students, and may the best student win!

eboardresults ssc result
  1. First, visit the web-based result publication system’s official website
  2. Initially, you can see four options: Examination, Year, Board, and Result Type. But in the next, you will find 7 options. Select the option that you want.
  3. Click on the first drop-down arrow button named “Choose One” in the Examination area. Select SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent.
  4. The second option is the Year. You need to select your passing year.
  5. Select your Board from this area. Example- Dhaka.
  6. Click on the Result Type drop-down arrow button. You will see some options. Such as Individual results, Institution results, Centre results, District results, Institution Analytics, and Board Analytics. Select the “Individual Result” option from the list if you want to get your single result. Otherwise, select another option from the least if you need another type of result.
  7. Then automatically, you will get three information boxes. Write your correct Roll number.
  8. Write your registration number. It is optional; you can get SSC results without the registration number.
  9. This is the Security Key option. Middle of the Security Key text and Reload red button, you can see colored text. This is the security key. Look at the key, then type this key into the white box. Click the red “Reload” button to get a new security code.
  10. Finally, Click on the “Get Result” green button.

Following these steps, you can check the SSC result of the general board, Madrasha board result, and Vocational SSC result.

How to Check SSC Result By SMS

It’s finally here! The long-awaited SSC Result is available for download. But before you can get your hands on it, follow these simple steps:

You can check SSC Results by SMS. You will need a mobile phone to check your results.

Go to your mobile phone message option and type the instructions below.

ssc result by sms

SMS Format

SSC <space> 1st 3 Letter of Your Board Name <space> Your Roll Number <space> Your Exam Year and send it to 16222.

Example: SSC DHK 778899 2022 and send 16222

Education Board Short Code

Education Board Short Code
Dhaka Education BoardDHA
Mymensingh Education BoardMYM
Rajshahi Education BoardRAJ
Comilla Education BoardCOM
Chittagong Education BoardCHI
Barisal Education BoardBAR
Sylhet Education BoardSYL
Dinajpur Education BoardDIN
Jessore Education BoardJES
Technical Education BoardTEC
Madrasah Education BoardMAD

There are some factors-

  • SMS charge of 2.30 TK is applicable for each SMS.
  • One SMS is applicable for one result.
  • All mobile operators’ SIM is eligible for this process.

Dhaka Education Board Result 2022

The Dhaka Education Board has released the SSC Result for 2022. All students need to check their results online. If you have any queries, please contact your institute. The board will start distributing the marksheets after publishing the result. We advise all students to stay calm. See below Dhaka education board’s SSC result statistics at a glance.

Male Students232379
Female Students239650
Total Pass439,716
Not Passed32,313
% Of Pass93.15
Total GPA 549530
% Of GPA 511.26
Male GPA 520567
Female GPA 528963

Jessore Board Result 2022

The Jessore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has announced the SSC Result for 2022 on its website. Students who have qualified for the exam can take the Immediate Action Plan (IAP) to get their SSC exam results online without any additional documents. Students can check their results by the above instructions.

Male Students91710
Female Students87396
Total Pass93.09
Not Passed12,376
% Of Pass90.19
Total GPA 516494
% Of GPA 59.89
Male GPA 57484
Female GPA 59010

Barisal Board SSC Result 2022

It’s finally here! The moment you’ve been waiting for – your SSC Result 2022. Needless to say, it’s an exciting time, but it’s also important to stay calm and rational. If you have any queries related to your SSC Result 2022, don’t hesitate to make your comment below. However, it’s always better to check your results online as soon as possible. The Board has uploaded the result of SSC examinations in various subjects on their website. So, be sure to visit to get all the latest information.

Male Students57712
Female Students55294
Total Pass101917
Not Passed11,089
% Of Pass90.19
Total GPA 510,219
% Of GPA 510.03
Male GPA 54004
Female GPA 56215

SSC Result 2021 Rajshahi Board

The SSC Result for the Rajshahi education board has been announced. If you have any doubts or queries regarding your result, you can visit the Board’s Official website. You can receive your result through different channels- online, SMS, or through your mobile app. You can also receive your result from the website portal. Make sure to check the website regularly for any updates or changes. Finally, students can get their results from the website portal or through an SMS service. So, make sure to have all the necessary information handy, and stay tuned for further announcements!

Male Students108830
Female Students97485
Total Pass195406
Not Passed10,909
% Of Pass94.71
Total GPA 527709
% Of GPA 514.18
Male GPA 512970
Female GPA 514739

Sylhet Board Ssc Result 2022

The Sylhet Board SSC Result 2022 has been released and is now available online. Remember to download your exam result with a marksheet for your admission test! The marksheets are available on the official website, so you can check your results there. Alternatively, you can follow the SMS process to get your result. Students who are looking for their results can also use the online pre-registration system or download the result PDF from the website.

Male Students53332
Female Students66221
Total Pass115700
Not Passed3,853
% Of Pass96.78
Total GPA 54834
% Of GPA 54.18
Male GPA 52028
Female GPA 52806

Chittagong Board SSC Result 2022

The Chittagong Board of Secondary School Certificate result has finally been announced. All students can now check their marks and download their results from the official website of the education board Bangladesh. In this section, we have mentioned result statistics for this year.

Male Students74521
Female Students84115
Total Pass144,550
Not Passed14,086
% Of Pass91.12
Total GPA 512,791
% Of GPA 58.85
Male GPA 55382
Female GPA 57409

Comilla Board SSC Result 2022

The Comilla board SSC Result is out and students can check here for their results. Those who have appeared in the examination can check their result with marksheet as per our given instructions. Go to the top of this article and follow the process to get a quick result.

Male Students95890
Female Students123815
Total Pass211503
Not Passed8,202
% Of Pass96.27
Total GPA 514626
% Of GPA 56.92
Male GPA 54004
Female GPA 56215

SSC Result Dinajpur Board

The SSC result is just around the corner, and we know that you’re anxious to know your marks. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Make sure to visit our website regularly for more helpful tips on preparing for the examination. In addition, if you’re intending to take the SSC exam result, make sure to check your result online as soon as it’s available. The Education Board will release marksheets for each board after publishing the result. So stay tuned for all the latest updates and good luck on your journey to getting perfect marks!

Male Students99350
Female Students94066
Total Pass183362
Not Passed10,054
% Of Pass94.8
Total GPA 517578
% Of GPA 59.59
Male GPA 58672
Female GPA 58906

SSC Result 2022 Mymensingh Board

The SSC Result 2022 is out, and it’s time to start worrying about your marks. If you want to have a good chance of getting admission into the best college in Bangladesh, it’s important to check your marks online onthe Education Board website or download the Marksheet from this website. Make sure that government published results before checking your result.

Male Students67206
Female Students64215
Total Pass127761
Not Passed3,660
% Of Pass97.22
Total GPA 510,095
% Of GPA 57.9
Male GPA 54386
Female GPA 55709

SSC Result Madrasah Board

This is the time to publish SSC results and students are eagerly awaiting them. While some are preparing for the admission test who conducted good exams. The Madrasah board has released all the details related to SSC result 2022 which includes GPA and mark sheet. If you have any queries related to Result 2022, do not hesitate to contact your school/board officials for further help. After getting results, it’s now time to focus on the next level of education.

Male Students144487
Female Students148082
Total Pass272722
Not Passed19,847
% Of Pass93.22
Total GPA 514313
% Of GPA 55.25
Male GPA 56107
Female GPA 58206

SSC Results Vocational 2022

It’s time to start thinking about your career and what steps you need to take to get there. If you’re a student who has secured marks in qualifying subjects, you can check your results on the website of the Education Board. However, before you do that, ensure you know the eligibility criteria, timings, and other important details related to this exam. You can find all the result related information by visiting the website mentioned earlier – So, what are you waiting for? Go and check your SSC Result 2022 now!

Male Students117108
Female Students38406
Total Pass137615
Not Passed17,899
% Of Pass88.49
Total GPA 55187
% Of GPA 53.77
Male GPA 52730
Female GPA 52457

SSC GPA System

GPA stands for Grade Point Average. The Grading System is a great way to create results. There was a time when results were published on a divisional basis, such as Fast Division, Second Division, Third Division, etc. At present results are published on the basis of GPA and CGPA.

However, the result of the S.S.C examination is given on the basis of GPA. See the table below for information on GPA. Now you are given all info.

Marks RangeGradePoint

How SSC GPA is Calculated?

The SSC exam evaluates the 8-letter grade point. There are, A+, A, A-, B, C, D, and F pointing systems. If any student got 80-100 mark in a subject it is called A+, and its point is 5. 70-79 marks is A, the point is 4, 60-69 is A-, the point is 3.5, 50-59 mark, it is B and point is 3, 40-49 marks are C, the point is 2, 33-39 marks are D, and its point is 1.

Finally, if anyone fails in a subject, it’s called F, and the point is 0. Among them, 8 is a major subject and 1 is an optional subject. Leaving two points from the optional subject, the remaining points will be added to the main point.

At the end, the GPA (Grade Point Average) will be (32.5-2) = 30.2/8 = 3.81 [here, 32.5 is total Point, 8 is total subject]


So, here we are at the end of the road! After going through all the SSC result details, it’s time to sum up, and give you a clear idea of what to expect. First and foremost, make sure that you check your result online, as this is the quickest way to get your result. If you can’t access your result online, you can try sending an SMS. Finally, if you are looking for results for a different board or subject, head to our website and browse our comprehensive list of education boards. We hope this blog has helped you understand everything involved in obtaining your SSC result in 2022!

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  1. SSC exam under general education board, Dakhil exam under madrasah board and Vocational Examination under technical board, started in Bangladesh altogether on 2nd February 2019 and ended on 10th March 2019.
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  2. Ending all waiting of the candidates, SSC exam result 2019 will publish on 6th May simultaneously across the country.
    This year, the number of students participating in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and its equivalent examinations was 21,35,333, which is about 4 lakh more than the number of participants in the last year.

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